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2012-2013 University Calendar

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In addition to the McGill museums, there are other collections and exhibits of a specialized nature, ordinarily open only to students. For access, contact the appropriate department. These include the Medical Museum.
The Medical Museum is a repository of material dating from the late 19th century that documents the study and practice of Medicine at McGill University and its associated teaching hospitals. The major part of the collection consists of pathologic specimens, including those in the Abbott and Osler collections. The material is housed in the Lyman Duff Medical Building. A showcase in the Pine Street entrance hallway displays temporary exhibits. For more information, see the Museum website
The McGill Physics Department has two specialized collections that may be viewed by appointment:
The Rutherford Museum contains original apparatus and other items used by Professor Ernest Rutherford in his Nobel Prize-winning research at McGill University on radioactivity (1898–1907). For more information, see
The McPherson Collection comprises a wide range of historical apparatus and instruments used for measurements and investigations, with special emphasis on 19th-century physics. For more information, see

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