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5 Faculty of Dentistry : 5.2 Admissions - Undergraduate Program : 5.2.2 Five-Year D.M.D. Program (Dent-P – Dental Preparatory)

Five-Year D.M.D. Program
(Dent-P – Dental Preparatory)
Applicants who are citizens or permanent residents of Canada living in the province of Quebec and who are enrolled in the second and final year of the Sciences Profile of the Quebec Colleges of General and Professional Education (CEGEP) are eligible to apply for the five-year program.
Applicants who have followed a combined three-year Science program (example: 200.11, 200.12, 200.13, 200.15, 200.16), or have followed the joint Science and International Baccalaureate program (200.10) are also eligible providing they are currently enrolled in the final year of the DCS and that they have not extended the length of their program.
The integrated Arts & Science program (700.A0) is also acceptable, providing the applicants have obtained the necessary competencies listed in the next section.
Applicants currently following a Sports Études program in either Science or the integrated Arts & Science are eligible to apply. Such applicants must submit a special form which describes in detail all relevant sport activities. A sub-committee of the Admissions Committee will determine the eligibility of the student.
The five-year program consists of a Dental Preparatory (Dent-P) year followed by the regular four-year dental program. During the Dent-P year, students are registered in the Faculty of Science and must take courses totalling 30 credits. There are several required courses as well as a number of elective courses selected for the purpose of broadening and enriching their education.
The assessment of an applicant's academic performance for CEGEP-level applicants is based on the overall R score (cote de rendement au collégial). As an indicator of the cote de rendement that is competitive, here are the CRC averages for admitted Dental Preparatory students in the past three years:
2011: 34.07
2010: 33.50
2009: 34.97
Required courses
Biology 301 NYA (00UK), General Biology II (401) NYB (00XU)
Chemistry 101 NYA (00UL), 201 NYB (00UM), Organic Chemistry I (301) DYD (00XV)
Mathematics 103 NYA (00UN), 203 NYB (00UP)
Physics 101 NYA (00UR), 201 NYB (00US), 301 NYC (00UT)
Students in the 700.A0 program must have completed the Biology objectives of 01Y5 and 01YJ, strictly follow their CEGEP curriculum, and take every opportunity to complete the following: Chemistry: 01YH and Physics: 01YF or 01YG
Applicants not admissible to the Dent-P program:
Applicants who are completing a Diploma of Collegial Studies in more than two years (with the exception of certain students taking a “double DEC” or those enrolled in an approved Sports Études program);
CEGEP students who have formerly been enrolled in college or university programs or in post-secondary technical schools, within or outside of the province; and
Applicants who have already obtained a Diploma of Collegial Studies who are registered in an undergraduate degree program or who have completed an undergraduate degree.
These students must apply to the four-year program.
A student accepted to the five-year program will be required to register for a full year in the Faculty of Science. In that year, the student must take courses totalling 30 credits. Following the successful completion of this year, determined by a Student Promotion Committee, students will proceed into the first year of the four-year program. Students must obtain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 with all individual grades "B" or higher for required courses and passing grades for all complementary courses to be promoted into the first year of the D.M.D. program. Note: Students failing to meet these requirements will be able to transfer into a B.Sc. and may reapply to the D.M.D. program following completion of the undergraduate degree. Please note that a grade of B in all courses would lead to a GPA of 3.0 and that a grade of B in required courses and grades below B in complementary courses would lead to a GPA below 3.0.

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