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2012-2013 University Calendar

5 Faculty of Dentistry : 5.2 Admissions - Undergraduate Program : 5.2.3 Advanced Standing: Foreign Trained Dentists and Transfer Applicants

Please note that this program is under review and may not be offered next year. Please visit our website for more up-to-date information for foreign trained dentists and transfer students.
Foreign Trained Dentists
Foreign trained dentists from a non-Canadian or non-American university interested in getting licensed to practise in Canada need to complete the National Dental Examining Board of Canada (NDEB) Equivalency Process. The Equivalency Process is comprised of three Assessments. Successful completion of the Assessments allows individuals to apply to take the NDEB Written and OSCE Examinations. Detailed information on the NDEB Equivalency Process is available at
Applicants who have completed a dental degree at a non-Canadian or non-American university, but did not complete the NDEB Equivalency Process and are Quebec residents, may apply for Advanced Standing. They will be required to successfully complete the NDEB Assessment of Fundamental Knowledge prior to submitting an application, and must also take an English Language Examination (TOEFL). Detailed information on these exams is available on our website at If accepted, applicants would be placed into the second half of the second-year class depending on space availability and the needs of the program. McGill University does not offer a qualifying program. After completion of the undergraduate program, advanced-standing students will receive a D.M.D. degree.
Transfer Students
Students who are presently enrolled in a faculty of dentistry in Canada or the United States may be considered for entry into the second year of the D.M.D. program (if space is available) if:
1. they have completed or will have completed at least two years of the D.M.D./D.D.S. program or three years of a five-year program by the end of the academic year;
2. they are highly ranked in their current program; and
3. they have passed the first part of the American Dental Board Examination.
Advanced Standing and Transfer positions may be considered if space is available. The number of positions available for entry in January of the second year of the D.M.D. program will be available on the website on September 1st of the preceding year. The deadline to apply is October 1st, but please note that the online application will only be available by September 1st.

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