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2012-2013 University Calendar

5 Faculty of Dentistry : 5.6 Promotion : 5.6.2 General Principles of Evaluation and Promotion

All issues related to student promotion and graduation are the responsibility of the Student Promotion Committee.
The Evaluation System is under constant review by the Faculty. The Faculty reserves the right to change rules and regulations at any time, although in general such changes will not come into effect in the middle of an academic year/promotion period.
DENT-P Program
A student accepted to the five-year program will be required to register for a full year in the Faculty of Science. In that year, the student must take courses totalling 30 credits. Following the successful completion of this year, determined by a Student Promotion Committee, students will proceed into the first year of the four-year program. Students must obtain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 with all individual grades B or higher for required courses and passing grades for all complementary courses to be promoted into the first year of the D.M.D. program.
Students failing to meet these requirements will be able to transfer into B.Sc. and may reapply to the D.M.D. program following completion of the undergraduate degree.
Please note that a grade of B in all courses would lead to a GPA of 3.0 and that a grade of B in required courses and grades below B in complementary courses would lead to a GPA below 3.0.
D.M.D. Program
1. In the first 16 months of the program, a student's promotion is governed by the rules and regulations of the Faculty of Medicine (see Student Handbook).
2. An overall final mark of 60% is required to pass a course. The passing grade on any remedial activity or supplemental examination is 60%.
3. Students are required to attend all clinical activities and laboratory sessions. The requirements for clinical attendance are indicated in the course outlines of the clinical courses. Repeated absences could result in a failure in the course.
4. A student must pass both sections of a course comprising a didactic and a practical/clinical section.
5. Students are required to take and pass the Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) or equivalent annually.
6. After completing BOM and Dentistry, students must maintain a GPA of 2.9 during each year of the dentistry program.
7. A student with a GPA of less than 2.9 during the Preclinical program, Third Year or Fourth Year, will be permitted to write a maximum of two supplemental examinations each year to raise his/her GPA.
8. A student who fails a maximum of two courses during the Preclinical program, Third Year or Fourth Year, will be permitted to write supplemental examinations in the courses failed.
9. A student who fails in a course comprising a practical or clinical component may be required to fulfil prescribed additional laboratory or clinical work or may be required to repeat the year. A fee may be attached to these requirements.
10. Supplemental examinations will be held during the month of August. There is a fee of $35 for each supplemental examination.
11. Deferred examinations will be held a soon as possible after the original examination. There is a fee of $35 for each deferred examination.
12. A student who fails more than two courses per year will be required to repeat the year.
13. Failure in any supplemental examination or remedial evaluation will require the student to repeat the year.
14. The Student Promotion Committee will review the entire record of any student in the following circumstances: academic difficulty, unprofessional behaviour, drug or substance abuse, criminal activity, illness interfering with performance, etc. This could result in the student being dismissed from the program or a suspension from the program for up to one year. The Student Promotion Committee has the right to dismiss any student who is considered unsuitable or incompetent for the practice of dentistry.
15. Cheating on examinations, including examinations administered by the Faculty of Dentistry on behalf of external agencies, is an academic offence.
16. A student will be placed on “probation” by the Faculty of Dentistry Student Promotion Committee for any of the following reasons:
Student obtains “below expectations” clinical evaluations in two courses in the same academic year.
Unprofessional behaviour and/or disciplinary action resulting from violations of the Code of Ethics of the Order of Dentists of Quebec.
17. Once placed on probation, students will remain on probation until completion of the program. “Probation” means the following:
18. A student who is placed on probation is automatically monitored by the Student Promotion Committee. The subsequent course is determined by that body; options include continued probation, remedial activity, repeat of a promotion period, or dismissal from the program.
19. A student may not repeat more than one year in the curriculum.
20. A student who is repeating a year must attain passing final grades in all courses and sections and a GPA of 2.9 or higher in the repeat year. If this standard is not achieved the student will be dismissed from the program.
21. A student has the right to state his/her case before the Committee; this may be accomplished by a written submission. In certain circumstances, e.g., issues of credibility or in cases where the student may be dismissed, the student has the right to appear in person. The student may be accompanied by an adviser who must be a member of the McGill community and cannot be compensated for this in any way. The proceedings will be conducted in a manner consistent with principles of natural justice. (See Student Rights and Responsibilities.)
Decisions taken by the Faculty of Dentistry Student Promotion Committee may be reviewed upon receipt of substantive, new information.

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