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2012-2013 University Calendar

5 Faculty of Dentistry : 5.6 Promotion : 5.6.6 Reread Policy : Reread
In accordance with the Charter of Student Rights, students have the right, subject to reasonable administrative arrangements, "to an impartial and competent review of any mark". The request for a reread must be received within seven calendar days after the consultation. A $35 fee for reread will be charged to the student's McGill account. This will be reimbursed if there is a change upwards in the letter grade for the course.
The request for a formal reread must be made by the student, in writing, to the Faculty of Dentistry, Office of the Administrative Assistant (Student Affairs), and include reasons to justify the request. It must include a statement that the student has already met with the examiner to review the mark or indicating why this has not been possible. In the case of requests for rereads of group work, all members of the group must sign the request, indicating that they agree to the reread. Rereads for computer-scored examinations are not possible, but students may ask for a verification. There are no reevaluations of oral examinations and laboratory examinations.
A list of possible rereaders will be obtained by the Office of the Administrative Assistant (Student Affairs) by contacting the Director of the Division involved in the reread. The Associate Dean (Academic Affairs) selects the second reader. The Office of the Administrative Assistant (Student Affairs) conducts all communication with the second reader. The second reader is given the original documents, with marginalia, summary comments, and mark intact, as well as pertinent notes from the first examiner describing issues such as the general nature of the course or the assignment and grading schemes. The student's and the instructor's names are blanked out to reduce the possibility of prejudice and to help meet the requirements of the Charter of Student Rights. The rereader's name will not be made known to the student or examiner at any time. The second reader will provide an assessment of the work, in writing, to the Faculty of Dentistry. This assessment will also be transmitted to the first examiner.
As a result of the reread process, the grade may become higher, lower or remain unchanged. The grade submitted by the second reader replaces the original grade and cannot be challenged. The new grade will be communicated to the student in a letter from the Office of the Administrative Assistant (Student Affairs) with a copy to the first examiner.

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