Health Sciences
2012-2013 University Calendar

6 School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition : 6.1 The School : 6.1.2 Administrative Officers

Chandra Madramootoo; B.Sc.(Agr.Eng.), M.Sc., Ph.D.(McG.), P.Eng. (James McGill Professor)
Dean, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, and Associate Vice-Principal (Macdonald Campus)
William H. Hendershot; B.Sc.(Tor.), M.Sc.(McG.), Ph.D.(Br. Col.)
Associate Dean (Academic)
Ian Strachan; B.Sc.(Tor.), M.Sc., Ph.D.(Qu.)
Associate Dean (Graduate Studies)
Suha Jabaji; B.Sc.(AUB), M.Sc.(Guelph), Ph.D.(Wat.)
Associate Dean (Research)
David J. Lewis; B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.(Mem.)
Associate Dean (Student Affairs)
Silvana Pellecchia
Manager, Student Affairs
Gary O'Connell; B.Comm.(C'dia)
Director, Academic and Administrative Services
William R. Ellyett; B.A.(Sir G. Wms.), B.Ed.(Phys.Ed.)(McG.)
Director of Athletics
Paul Meldrum; B.J.(Hons.)(Car.)
General Manager, Macdonald Campus Farm
Ginette Legault
Manager, Campus Housing
Peter D.L. Knox; B.Sc.(Agr.)(McG.)
Supervisor, Property Maintenance

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