Health Sciences
2012-2013 University Calendar

6 School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition : 6.3 Academic Information and Regulations : 6.3.1 Academic Credit Transfer

Transfer credits based on courses taken at other institutions (completed with a grade of C or better) before entrance to this Faculty are calculated and assigned after you are accepted, and have accepted the offer of admission.
Transfer credits may also be granted for courses taken at other institutions (completed with a grade of C or better) while you are attending McGill University. You must secure permission to apply such credits to your program in this Faculty before you begin the work. Prior Approval Forms are available in the Student Affairs Office in the Faculty. Grades obtained in such courses do not enter into calculations of grade point averages (GPA).
Exemption from a required or complementary course on the basis of work completed at another institution must be approved by both the instructor of the appropriate McGill course and the Academic Adviser.
As a full-time degree student, you may register, with approval of the Student Affairs Office, for course(s) at any university in the province of Quebec through CREPUQ. Those courses successfully completed with a minimum grade of C (according to the standards of the university giving the course) will be recognized for the purpose of your degree, but the grades obtained will not enter into your GPA calculations.
For further details, consult the Undergraduate Programs, Courses and University Regulations publication at and see University Regulations and General Information > Registration > Quebec Inter-University Transfer Agreement (IUT), or go to to access the online application.

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Note: “you” refers to students newly admitted, readmitted or returning to McGill.

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