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2012-2013 University Calendar

3 General University Information and Regulations : 3.3 Registration / Student Records / Exams : 3.3.4 Course Load : Normal Course Load
The normal course load in most undergraduate faculties is 15 credits per term. If you carry fewer than 12 credits per term, you are considered to be a part-time student in that term.
Note for Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and the Schulich School of Music:
Note for the Faculties of Arts and Science (including B.A. & Sc.):
Continuing students in satisfactory standing may take up to 17 credits per term.
Continuing students whose CGPA is above 3.50 may take more than 17 credits per term only with written permission from their faculty Associate Dean or Director.
Note for the Faculties of Education, Management and Religious Studies:
Continuing students in satisfactory standing may take up to 17 credits per term.
Note for the Faculty of Engineering:
If you want to register for more than 18 credits in a term, you must obtain permission from your departmental/school adviser.
If you have deferred exams (grade of L on your unofficial transcript), you cannot register for more than 18 credits or write more than six exams per term, whichever is greater.
The average number of hours per week of course activities is indicated in hours in the course listing after the course credit. For example, (3-0-6) indicates a course consisting of three lecture hours per week, no other contact hours, and six hours of personal study per week.

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Note: “you” refers to students newly admitted, readmitted or returning to McGill.

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