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3 General University Information and Regulations : 3.4 Fees : 3.4.4 Administrative Charges

The University charges a number of administrative fees to students, which include:
Registration Charge
All students in courses and programs are assessed a registration fee.
Information Technology Charge
The purpose of the information technology fee is to enhance certain technology services provided to students as well as to provide training and support to students in the use of new technology.
Transcripts and Diploma Charge
The University charges a transcripts and diploma fee to all students which entitles you to order transcripts free of charge as well as covers the costs of your graduation.
Copyright Fee
All students in courses and programs are charged the copyright fee, which covers the cost of the annual fee that all Quebec universities are required to pay to Copibec (a consortium that protects the interests of authors and editors) for the right to photocopy materials protected by copyright.
General Administrative Charge
As per the Quebec government’s regulation on administrative fee increases, the University is permitted to increase this fee by no more than $15.00 per Fall/Winter term and $7.50 per Summer term. In accordance with this regulation, the fee in Summer 2012 will be $22.50 and in Fall/Winter a maximum of $45.00. A portion of this amount (up to $3.00 per Fall/Winter term) is directed to Athletics (except in the School of Continuing Studies). As a result, students may see a decrease in their General Administrative Charge to take into account their additional contribution to Athletics. The other Administrative charges (Registration Charge, Information Technology Charge, Transcripts and Diploma Charge, and the Copyright Fee) will therefore not be subject to increases.
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