Health Sciences
2012-2013 University Calendar

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International Student Health and Accident Plan (compulsory, rates as of 20112012)
* Note that for registered students, the Undergraduate Application Fee is partially refunded at the end of the first term as follows:
Students applying prior to and including Fall 2011: $25 (CEGEP applicants) or $5 (all non-CEGEP applicants).
Students applying as of Winter 2012: $40 (CEGEP applicants) or $20 (all non-CEGEP applicants).
** All students making application to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies are required to pay this fee, including those already registered at McGill. If a department or an applicant defers an admission within the following year, the application fee need not be paid again.
All eligible returning and new students, except Special Students, Graduate part-time students, additional
session students, and thesis evaluation term students.
Special Students, Graduate part-time students,
additional session students, and thesis evaluation term students.
Registration Cancellation Fee upon withdrawal (or if newly admitted students, the deposit)
Late Payment Fee (charged at the end of October for the Fall term, or at the end of February for the Winter term):
Interest on outstanding balances (rate determined in February, to be applicable on June 1, is 1.24% monthly or 14.88% annually)
*** Please note that the $35 fee for returned cheques and pre-authorized debit payments is in addition to the value of the amount debited for the returned item in question. For transactions in Canadian dollars, the amount debited is the same as the amount paid. For transactions in other currencies, including pre-authorized debit payments in US dollars, accounts will be debited at the exchange rate charged by the bank to the University. This sometimes represents a significant difference from the amount originally paid, depending on the rate of exchange on the date of the return.
Communication Sciences and Disorders Fees
Dentistry – Purchases of Equipment and Materials Fee
In addition to the fees shown on the list of fees for Dentistry, students must purchase certain items of equipment and supplies from the Faculty of Dentistry. The fee also includes an amount for general supplies in the laboratories and clinics and will be billed on your e-bill.
The cost of these purchases (including GST and QST) in 2011-2012 was as follows:
You will receive an e-bill in August with the exact breakdown of costs related to your equipment purchase.
Dental Clinic/Lab Usage Fee:
Dentistry and Medicine – Microscopes
In order to ensure that each student is adequately equipped for the microscopic work in histology, microbiology and pathology, a binocular microscope is provided for all students in first and second year.
Nursing Fees
Physical and Occupational Therapy Fees

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