Health Sciences
2012-2013 University Calendar

3 General University Information and Regulations : 3.4 Fees : 3.4.13 Sponsorships/Awards/Fee Deferrals

If your fees will be paid by an external organization or agency (e.g., Department of Veterans Affairs, Saudi Bureau, foreign government), you must have your sponsor confirm the conditions of their sponsorship (sometimes called a financial guarantee) in writing on their corporate letterhead and send this letter to the University. Once received by the University and if registration has occurred, your account will be adjusted. Sponsors must confirm annually the list of eligible students by August 1st of each year or one month prior to the start of the term. For more information, please refer to
If the sponsor does not pay the promised fees within 90 days of invoicing, you are responsible for paying the fees plus the late payment fee and accrued interest.

Changes are made after the publishing of this Calendar. Always check the Class Schedule at for the most up-to-date information. This includes class times, locations and instructors.

Note: “you” refers to students newly admitted, readmitted or returning to McGill.

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