Health Sciences
2012-2013 University Calendar

3 General University Information and Regulations : 3.5 Student Records : 3.5.5 Incomplete Courses

If the instructor decides there is sufficient reason to permit a delay in the submission of required term work, an extension of the deadline after the end of the course may be granted to the student. In this case, the instructor will submit a grade of K (incomplete).
If the instructor submits a grade of K, he or she will also indicate the date by which the student must complete the work. Consult the faculty sections for maximum extensions.
If the instructor submits a new grade within the deadline, both the new grade and the grade of K will appear on your verification forms and unofficial and advising transcript. However, the new grade will replace the K on your official transcript.
If you do not complete the required work before the deadline, a grade of KF will be updated on your record. A KF denotes a failed course and is calculated in the TGPA and CGPA as an F.
In exceptional circumstances, and with the approval of the Associate Dean or Director, the deadline may be extended further, in which case the grade of KE (further extension granted) appears. If you do not meet the extended deadline, a grade of KF will replace the KE.

Changes are made after the publishing of this Calendar. Always check the Class Schedule at for the most up-to-date information. This includes class times, locations and instructors.

Note: “you” refers to students newly admitted, readmitted or returning to McGill.

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