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3 General University Information and Regulations : 3.5 Student Records : 3.5.7 Verification of Student Records: Degree Evaluation

Degree Evaluation is a Minerva tool to help students and advisers compare the student's academic record with the requirements of a specific program. If you have access to Degree Evaluation on Minerva under the Student Records Menu ( you can review your progress within your current program. Also, if you are considering a program change, you can generate a "what-if" comparison of your academic record with the requirements of another program.
The presentation in the Degree Evaluation Report may have a different appearance than the requirements listed in this publication. For example, a long listing of courses may be grouped into one course "attribute" on the Minerva report.
Degree Evaluation also provides a central record of adviser/faculty-approved adjustments to your program of study (e.g., the replacement of one specified course with another or acceptance of a non-McGill course for credit).
Please note that Degree Evaluation is an advising tool only. A Degree Evaluation Report that indicates program requirements have been satisfied does NOT constitute approval to graduate.
For details regarding Degree Evaluation, including Reading a Degree Evaluation Report, see
Note for Medicine and Dentistry:
The Degree Evaluation tool is not used in the faculties of Medicine and Dentistry.
Note for Nursing:
You may view Degree Evaluation Reports on Minerva. However, if you have completed courses that differ from the School's defined “Course of Study” for the program you are completing, it is highly recommended that you do so in consultation with your academic adviser. Any questions about a Degree Evaluation Report or requests for adjustments should be discussed with your adviser.

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