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3 General University Information and Regulations : 3.8 Graduation : 3.8.6 Aegrotat Standing and Degree at McGill University

Aegrotat standing is awarded in rare cases where a student, based on serious medical or similar evidence, is unable to complete course requirements within a reasonable time, or at all.
At McGill, this designation is currently applied toward the end of a student’s degree program resulting in the awarding of an aegrotat degree. An aegrotat indicator of 'Y' at graduation signifies that a student was awarded such a degree. An aegrotat degree is awarded only to students in good standing who have been unable to complete their degree due to special circumstances. Information on this degree designation is included only in the convocation program, and not on the transcript.
Aegrotat standing is rarely granted at McGill University. A formal request must be submitted to the Dean of the faculty in which the student is registered during the graduating year. The approval of the Dean and the Deputy Provost, Student Life and Learning, is necessary to grant this status.

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