Health Sciences
2012-2013 University Calendar

7 Faculty of Medicine : 7.1 The Faculty : 7.1.2 Administrative Officers

David Eidelman; M.D.,C.M.(McG.), FRCPC, FACP
Vice-Principal (Health Affairs) and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine
Sam Benaroya; B.Sc., M.D.,C.M.(McG.), F.R.C.P.(C)
Associate Vice-Principal (Health Affairs) and Associate Dean (Inter-Hospital Affairs)
Demetra Kafantaris
Senior Advisor to Vice-Principal and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine
Vice-Dean (Life Sciences and Strategic Initiatives) and Senior University Advisor (Health Sciences Research)
Robert Primavesi; M.D.,C.M., F.C.F.P.(EM)
Associate Dean (Medical Education and Student Affairs)
Elaine Davis; B.Sc.(W. Ont.), M.Sc., Ph.D.(McG.)
Associate Dean (Biomedical B.Sc., Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs)
Mara S. Ludwig; M.D.(Manit.)
Associate Dean (Faculty Affairs)
Sarkis Meterissian; M.D.,C.M., M.Sc.(McG.), F.R.C.S.(C), F.A.C.S.
Associate Dean (Postgraduate Medical Education and Professional Affairs)
Marianna Newkirk; B.Sc., M.Sc.(Qu.), Ph.D.(Tor.)
Associate Dean (Research)
Ivan Rohan; M.D., C.C.F.P.
Interim Associate Dean (Continuing Health Professional Education)
Miriam Boillat; M.D.,C.M.(McG.), C.C.F.P., F.C.F.P.
Associate Dean (Faculty Development)
Gilles Brousseau; M.D.(Montr.)
Assistant Dean (Medical Education, Campus Santé Outaouais)
Namta Gupta; M.D.(Manit.), C.C.F.P.
Assistant Dean (Student Affairs)
Richard Montoro; M.D.,C.M., M.Sc.(McG.), F.R.C.P.(C), C.M.Q.
Assistant Dean (Resident Professional Affairs)
Saleem Razack; M.D., R.R.C.P.(C)
Assistant Dean (Admissions)
Helene Rousseau; M.D.(Montr.), C.F.P.C., F.C.F.P.
Assistant Dean, Rural Education Program
Jim Gourdon; D.V.M.(Montr.)
Director, McIntyre Animal Resources Centre
Susan Murray; B.A., M.L.I.S., M.A.(Tor.)
Head Librarian, Life Sciences Library

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