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2012-2013 University Calendar

7 Faculty of Medicine : 7.2 Scholarships, Bursaries, Prizes, Medals and Loan Funds

In order to enrich the learning experience for students, the Faculty of Medicine offers many scholarships, bursaries and research prizes for our students. The Faculty strongly encourages students to research and apply to scholarships, bursaries and research prizes that would enhance their education experience. These funds are awarded to deserving students in good academic standing and those requiring financial support. Research bursaries celebrate our student's achievements and allow students to establish themselves as innovative researchers. Financial aid forms are available from the Student Aid Office, 3600 McTavish Street, Montreal (
Entrance scholarships
McGill offers some Entrance Scholarships annually to first-year students based on academic merit.
Med-P program
Entrance scholarships are available for students accepted to the Med-P program. In the first year of the Med-P program, students are registered in the Faculty of Science and hence are eligible for University entrance scholarships. Once the student is promoted to the Faculty of Medicine these scholarships are renewable annually for three academic periods if the student meets the renewability criteria.
M.D.,C.M. four-year program
By applying for admission to the Faculty of Medicine of McGill University, the four-year M.D.,C.M. program applicants with outstanding academic and extra-curricular achievements are automatically considered for entrance scholarships. There is no form to complete. Scholarships are allocated at the discretion of the Faculty of Medicine.
M.D.,C.M./M.B.A. and M.D.,C.M./Ph.D. programs
Entrance scholarships are available for students registered in the double programs: M.D./M.B.A. and M.D./Ph.D.
Bursaries for Research Projects
Bursaries are available to enable students to carry out research projects during their medical studies. These are awarded, on a competitive basis, in the Winter term and also during summer vacation. For more information, please inquire with the Associate Dean for Research in the Faculty of Medicine or consult the website at
Prizes, Medals and Awards
Students who demonstrate outstanding performance are recognized through the awarding of prizes, medals and J.W. McConnell Awards. Receipt of an award is permanently recorded on the transcript of each recipient. This information is also included in the Dean's Letter of evaluation.

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