Health Sciences
2012-2013 University Calendar

7 Faculty of Medicine : 7.3 Programs of Study, Admission and Curriculum : 7.3.3 Admission Requirements and Procedures : Applicant Categories
Each medical school in Quebec is regulated in terms of the number of students that can matriculate each year according to set categories. When submitting an application to the Faculty of Medicine, the applicant category must be established under one of the following:
(a) Member of a First Nation or Inuit who is also a recognized resident of the province of Quebec
(b) Canadian citizen or permanent resident who is a recognized resident of the province of Quebec
(c) Canadian citizen or permanent resident who is not a recognized resident of the province of Quebec, also known as Out-of-Province Canadians (OOPC)
(d) International citizen, including citizens of the U.S.A., who do not hold Canadian citizenship or residency (U.S./International)
Applicants accepted under the Out-of-Province Canadian or International categories are subject to the admission rules and obligations of their assigned category for the duration of their medical studies, regardless of any subsequent change in citizenship or residency status.
Every applicant must submit proof of citizenship at the time of application. Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada must confirm which of the above categories they belong to at the time of application.
While the number of positions available in a given year are published in advance of the application deadline, these are subject to change at any moment without warning.

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