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7 Faculty of Medicine : 7.3 Programs of Study, Admission and Curriculum : 7.3.3 Admission Requirements and Procedures : Academic Criteria
For university-category applicants, with the exception of Non-Traditional Pathway and First Nations and Inuit applicants, the assessment of academic performance is based on the following:
(a) undergraduate degree cumulative grade point average (DegGPA)
(b) academic performance in the basic sciences (science prerequisites)
(c) overall academic context
Undergraduate Degree Performance
The primary basis of the assessment of undergraduate degree performance is the degree cumulative grade point average (DegGPA) used for the basis of admission. Successful applicants have historically demonstrated DegGPAs above 3.5 (average approximately 3.8). Applicants with a DegGPA below 3.4 are rarely considered to be competitive.
The Admissions Committee reserves the right not to consider those who do not have a minimum of 60 consecutive undergraduate graded credits (i.e., two academic years) at the time of application.
While academic performance in graduate programs is generally not considered, completed graduate degrees may be examined as part of the overall academic context.
For information on degree requirements, consult section 7.3.4 “Standard Requirements for Undergraduate Medical Programs” .
Basic Science Performance
The assessment of basic science performance is based upon a candidate's academic results in the relevant science prerequisite courses as undertaken either in college, university, or acceptable pre-university alternatives as described in the requirements. Advanced studies in the basic sciences may also be considered in this assessment.
Successful applicants tend to have a science prerequisite GPA (SciGPA) above 3.5 (average approximately 3.8), or an MCAT equal to or greater than 30 (average approximately 33). Applicants with a SciGPA below 3.2 or with an MCAT below 27 are rarely considered to be competitive.
For information on basic science requirements, consult section “Basic Sciences Prerequisites” and section “MCAT” .
Consideration of the MCAT
Where the MCAT is required, results will be considered in conjunction with academic results in the relevant science prerequisite courses.
Where the MCAT is optional, students may choose to submit MCAT results if they are confident that these scores provide stronger evidence of their abilities in the basic sciences.
Note that where valid MCAT results are submitted, the Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences and Verbal Reasoning sections will be used.
Academic Context
An applicant's academic context consists of elements such as the difficulty of the program, the distribution of course levels, percentage of graded credits and the average credit-load per semester, as evidenced in the official academic records.
Students are encouraged to pursue challenging and diverse topics, to have a natural progression in their course selection, and to pursue a full course load in each of their regular sessions. The context of an applicant's science prerequisites may also influence this assessment.
The assessment of an applicant's academic performance for CEGEP-level applicants is based on the overall R score (cote de rendement collégiale). Successful applicants generally have an R score above 34.0 (average approximately 35.5). Applicants with a R score below 32.0 are rarely considered to be competitive.
Assessment of academic strength for applicants in the First Nations & Inuit and/or Non-Traditional Pathway categories is based on the academic record in conjunction with the curriculum vitae.
Where there are more competitive applicants than there are available positions, preference will be given to those candidates advancing the strongest evidence of an ability to handle the academic demands of our medical program.

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