Health Sciences
2012-2013 University Calendar

7 Faculty of Medicine : 7.3 Programs of Study, Admission and Curriculum : 7.3.3 Admission Requirements and Procedures : Interview Process
Selected candidates will be invited by the Faculty of Medicine for an on-site interview session. Attendance is by invitation only, sent via electronic mail by the date published according to the applicant category. Candidates cannot be admitted without interviews. Interviews are an important tool for the Admissions Board to evaluate those strengths and qualities that cannot be evaluated in a transcript or a writing sample.
Interviews are in multiple mini-interview (MMI) format and are conducted in-person at the Faculty of Medicine. These mini-interviews consist of multiple stations that can be task-oriented, simulation- or scenario-oriented, or discussion-oriented. Stations are designed to evaluate the various abilities and skills that form the basis of the Physicianship curriculum component. Residents of Quebec may request, at the time of application, to have their interviews take place in French.
Interview sessions are scheduled for a half-day. In addition to the interviews, activities and presentations take place throughout the day. Applicants are expected to keep their calendar open for interview dates. It is the applicant's responsibility to be available for the scheduled interview and to plan travel accordingly. No repeat interview sessions or special accommodations are available to those who do not attend their originally scheduled time. Therefore, if a candidate is not present for his/her interview for any reason (justified or not) the file will no longer be considered.

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