Health Sciences
2012-2013 University Calendar

7 Faculty of Medicine : 7.3 Programs of Study, Admission and Curriculum : 7.3.4 Standard Requirements for Undergraduate Medical Programs : Basic Sciences Prerequisites
Applicants must have successfully completed by July 31 of their entering year, all of following at a college or university level:
(a) in Biology / Biological Sciences a minimum six (6) credits of introductory coursework, with labs;
(b) in Chemistry a minimum six (6) credits of general (or physical) chemistry coursework, with labs; a minimum three (3) credits of organic chemistry coursework, with labs;
(c) in Physics a minimum six (6) credits of introductory coursework, with labs; where: minimum credits do not include compulsory laboratory or practical work; grades of “Pass/Fail” (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) or of similar schema are not acceptable in coursework; numerical or letter-class grades are required. Academic performance within these course will be considered; courses completed more than eight (8) years before the application deadline will not be considered; distance or correspondence education courses will not be considered except by special permission at the discretion of the Admissions Office.

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