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2012-2013 University Calendar

7 Faculty of Medicine : 7.3 Programs of Study, Admission and Curriculum : 7.3.6 Requirements for Registration and Matriculation : Infectious Diseases and Infection Control
To assure that students are not exposed to undue health risks and do not pose a risk to their patients, upon starting medical and dental school, students must provide evidence of appropriate vaccination according to the information provided by McGill Student Health Service:
All students must be immunized against Hepatitis B and all students must have Hepatitis B titres (HbsAb) measured. Non-converters will be tested for Hepatitis B surface antigen (HbsAg). Non-converters will be offered counseling by McGill Student Health Service. Students who test positive for the surface antigen will be referred to the Undergraduate Associate Dean. If repeat serology does not confirm immunity, and the person is not a carrier, they will be given the option of another series of vaccines or a series of intradermal vaccines to attempt sero-conversion.
Annual vaccination for influenza is required for all students. The student should retain proof of vaccination.
Vaccination against other infectious diseases may be required, if need arises.
You have access to McGill Student Health Service as soon as you are accepted into the program. You must call 514-398-6017 to make an appointment.
If you choose to complete your immunizations through your family physician or your CLSC, make sure to follow the McGill immunization requirements since McGill Student Health Service will not accept different immunization protocols.
The completed form(s) must be returned to McGill Student Health Service by July 31st, or in person at Orientation. All immunization requirements must be met by Orientation Day. Students who do not meet these requirements may be asked to withdraw.
Mask Fit Test
All students are required to have a Mask Fit Test in order to choose the appropriate mask for their use. The University is able to offer this test free of charge. Students will have a mandatory Mask Fit session prior to 3rd year clerkship.
Students who are pursuing clinical rotations in Canada or the United States may be required to be refitted prior to their arrival at the actual clinical rotation's facility.
Policy on Students Known to be Seropositive (e.g., Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV)
Individuals who carry blood-borne pathogens might not be permitted to perform certain procedures that may pose a risk to patients and co-workers.
Students who are seropositive for Hepatitis B and/or C or HIV and/or any other blood-borne agent have a professional obligation to notify the UGME office upon entry into the program. Specific measures will be undertaken by the UGME office. Rotations may be modified for these students due to these circumstances.
The student will be referred to the Service d'évaluation des risques de transmission d'infections hématogènes (SERTIH). Modifications to clinical rotations may be made. The student will be assisted in acquiring appropriate health care. Specific career counselling will be given. Students will be advised not to select residency programs where patient safety would be put at risk. This may limit the residency programs to which the student may apply.
Should core clinical rotations need to be modified, notation of this will be made in the Medical Student Performance Record (MSPR/Dean's letter). The student is professionally responsible to self-disclose their seropositive status to the residency program to which the student matches.

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