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7 Faculty of Medicine : 7.3 Programs of Study, Admission and Curriculum : 7.3.7 Registration Procedures : Leaves of Absence
This section is subject to change. Students should refer to the Faculty of Medicine website:
Leaves of absence during medical studies are generally discouraged and with few exceptions are granted only for reasons of health or family crises. Requests for leaves must be discussed with the Associate Dean. Permission is granted by the Dean. A request must be accompanied by supporting documentation (e.g., a letter from the student's physician/counsellor). In general, a medical leave is granted for up to one year. The Faculty reserves the right to impose a limitation on the number as well as the total duration of leaves.
A student returning from a medical leave must provide supporting documentation from the treating physician/counsellor. These documents must state that the student is capable of resuming his/her studies. Should a prolongation be requested, the Faculty of Medicine reserves the right to require a second opinion from a Faculty-designated physician.
Once the leave has been approved by the Dean, the student's registration and fees must be clarified with the Student Records Officer. Students may be required to forfeit all or part of their tuition fees. All students must have an interview with the Student Aid Office to reassess impact on financial aid.
Leaves of absence will be noted on official transcripts and Medical Student Performance Records/Dean's letter.

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