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2012-2013 University Calendar

8 School of Nursing : 8.2 Bachelor Programs : 8.2.1 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program – B.Sc.(N.) : B.Sc.(N.) Entrance Requirements
Detailed information about each admission category can be found at
Quebec Diploma of Collegial Studies (Health Sciences/ Sciences)
Holders of the Diploma of Collegial Studies who have completed the following courses are considered for admission to the 106-credit B.Sc.(N.) Program:
Admission will be based on the cote de rendement au collégial (cote r); overall cote r and cote r in prerequisite courses are considered.
Mature Students
Within the University provisions, candidates who are at least 23 years old and are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, may be eligible for consideration as Mature Students. See for more specific details. An applicant requesting entry as a Mature Student must have successfully completed a minimum of three courses: one in functions (precalculus) (calculus is preferred); at least two of general biology, chemistry or physics (all with labs). Each of the courses must have been completed at the CEGEP or university level, with a minimum university grade of 70% or equivalent. Mature students are advised to meet with CEGEP representatives to determine what courses they should take based on high school science studies. Candidates with these prerequisites may then be admitted to the 139- or 140-credit B.Sc.(N.) program (four years, see U0 year in section “B.Sc.(N.) Course of Study”; students will not repeat CEGEP level courses that are equivalent to U0 courses).
Applicants from Ontario
must have completed the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) by the time they commence their university studies; see Most students are considered for the four-year B.Sc.(N.) program (includes a U0 year described in B.Sc.(N.) Course of Study).
At least two of:
Applicants from Canadian High Schools outside of Quebec and Ontario
must hold a high school diploma giving access to university education in their province/territory; see Most students are considered for the four-year B.Sc.(N.) program (includes a U0 year described in B.Sc.(N.) Course of Study).
Applicants from other Universities or Colleges and Second Bachelor Degree applicants (Transfer Students)
Students who wish to transfer from other universities and colleges are considered on the basis of both the pre-university and university studies. A minimum of 60 credits must be completed at McGill if a degree is to be granted. Admission requirements are:
It is possible to be admitted with a minimum of two semesters of calculus plus two semesters of biology, chemistry and/or physics, in which case the remaining science prerequisite course requirements must be completed within the program. Applicants with a previous degree, and missing one or more of the above courses may be granted equivalence if credit and exemption is awarded for courses which are part of the 106-credit B.Sc.(N.) program. This applies particularly to the Physiology and Pharmacology courses.
Applicants from U.S. High School Programs (in U.S. or other countries)
must hold a high school diploma and must have followed an academic program leading to university entrance; see
SAT IIs must include at least two different subjects from the following list: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics
Applicants from outside Canada or the U.S.
Students with a strong mathematics and science preparation at a Senior High School level, who wish to be considered for entrance to the Bachelor of Science (Nursing) program, should visit for detailed information about requirements. Most students are considered for the four-year B.Sc.(N.) program (includes a U0 year described in B.Sc.(N.) Course of Study).
Students educated in different languages may be required to provide proof of proficiency in English. A TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of at least 233 (577 for the paper-based version) is required (see section 3.1.5 “Proof of Proficiency in English” for other assessments that are acceptable). Information is also available at in the Proof of Proficiency in English section.
Inter-Faculty Transfer Students (McGill University students)
Applications are completed through Minerva. Visit for complete instructions.
The School of Nursing accepts applications from students currently enrolled in another program within McGill University. Students must be in Satisfactory Standing in their current program. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.70 or above is normally required. Transfer students are considered for admission on the basis of current university studies and previous studies.
Holders of a Bachelor's Degree
Applicants who already have a general bachelor's degree in Science or Arts, or will have completed such an undergraduate degree by August 1 of the entering year, should contact the Service Point at or the McGill Welcome Centre at Said applicants may be eligible to apply either for entrance to the B.Sc.(N.) program or to the Qualifying Year of the Master's program. Application to the B.Sc.(N.) program is made to Enrolment Services. Requests for information regarding applications to the Qualifying Year should be directed to the School of Nursing.

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