Health Sciences
2012-2013 University Calendar

8 School of Nursing : 8.2 Bachelor Programs : 8.2.1 Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program – B.Sc.(N.) : B.Sc.(N.) Course of Study
Total program credits: 106
The courses outlined below have been developed and sequenced to ensure that students meet the overall program objectives. The following courses must be completed in sequence unless discussed with an adviser.
First Year (U1) – Required Courses
(37 credits)
NUR1 220
NUR1 222
NUR1 223
NUR1 422
PHGY 209
PSYC 215
NUR1 200
NUR1 221
NUR1 234
NUR1 235
PHGY 210
NUR1 233
Second Year (U2) – Required Courses
(35 credits)
NUR1 311
NUR1 321
NUR1 323
NUR1 331
PHAR 300
NUR1 322
NUR1 324
NUR1 332
PATH 300
PHAR 301
NUR1 333
Third Year (U3) – Required Courses
(28 credits)
NUR1 328
NUR1 420
NUR1 424
NUR1 431
NUR1 421
NUR1 432
PSYC 204
NUR1 530
Elective Courses
(6 credits)
6 credits with 3 credits at the 300 level or above.
(Full-time students normally take these courses in the third year.)
The first year (U0) of the 139- or 140-credit four-year program consists of the following courses:
U0 Required Courses
(27 credits)
CHEM 110
PHYS 101
BIOL 112
CHEM 120
MATH 141
PHYS 102
CHEM 212
U0 Complementary Courses
(6 or 7 credits)
MATH 139
MATH 140
** Students who take NUR1 223 in U0 will take a 3-credit elective in U1; students who take a 3-credit elective in U0 will take NUR1 223 in U1. It is generally recommended that U0 students take NUR1 223 in U0, so that they meet other nursing students.

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