Health Sciences
2012-2013 University Calendar

9 School of Physical and Occupational Therapy : 9.4 Student Evaluation and Promotion : 9.4.7 Examinations : Interim Class Tests and Mid-Term Examinations
Students will be informed of all course requirements by the end of the first week of classes. Members of the teaching staff may give interim class tests if they consider them necessary. The class will be advised at the beginning of the course when they will occur with the mark allocation. The timing of the class tests is at the discretion of the professor, but no written tests will be given during the last two weeks of the term, except where a pattern of continued evaluation has been established, in which case the total value of examinations given in this period shall comprise no more than 10% of the final mark.
Mid-term examinations for one term courses are given close to the middle of the term. Make-up examinations follow the same rules as for class tests.
Absences from mid-term exams, required lab or group work, or seminars must be approved by the Program Director. For an absence to be approved, for example, because of compassionate or medical reasons, the absence must be supported by written documentation, such as a medical certificate, and submitted to the Program Director. The Program Director at his or her entire discretion may request additional information before approving the absence.
Supplemental Examinations
Students who have failed an examination and who have been given permission to write a supplemental examination must avail themselves of this privilege at the time of the next supplemental exam period.
Students are required to apply for a supplemental exam using the Minerva form. A non-refundable fee of $35 for each supplemental exam is assessed at the time of application. For details please refer to the supplemental exam website at It should be noted that the supplemental result will not erase the failed grade originally obtained which was used in calculating the GPA. Both the original mark and the supplemental result will be calculated in the GPA and CGPA (i.e., the taking of a supplemental examination has the same effect on a student's GPA as does repeating the course).
Supplemental examinations for failed Fall term and Winter term courses with the designation of OCC1, PHTH or POTH will be held within 30 days of the posting of final grades, if feasible, or during the official supplemental examination periods. Supplemental examinations for Fall and Winter term campus courses are written during the official supplemental periods in May and August.

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