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2012-2013 University Calendar

9 School of Physical and Occupational Therapy : 9.6 Course Descriptions : 9.6.3 Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Courses - Year 2 Courses

ANAT 321 Circuitry of the Human Brain.
(3) (Fall) (2 hour lectures, 2 hours laboratory/tutorial) (Prerequisites: ANAT/BIOC 212 or BIOL 201; and one of PHGY 209, NSCI 200 or PSYC 211; or permission of instructor) (Restriction: Open to U3 students only) This course explores the functional organization of the human brain and spinal cord. The course focuses on how neuronal systems are designed to subserve specific motor, sensory, and cognitive operations.
ANAT 323 Neuroanatomy.
(3) (Prerequisites for Physical & Occupational Therapy students: ANAT 315 and ANAT 316.) (Prerequisite for Honours Anatomy & Cell Biology students: ANAT 214.) (Restrictions: Restricted to Honours Anatomy & Cell Biology students and Physical & Occupational Therapy students. Not open to students taking or having taken ANAT 321.) This course will focus on the structural and functional relationships of the central nervous system. The human neuroanatomy will be introduced via pathological cases and will be illustrated by use of new medical imaging techniques.

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