Health Sciences
2012-2013 University Calendar

9 School of Physical and Occupational Therapy : 9.6 Course Descriptions : 9.6.4 Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Courses - Year 3 Courses

OCC1 545 Therapeutic Strategies in OT 1.
(8) (Restriction: U3/QY OT students only) Evaluation, intervention and planning using a neuromuscular skeletal framework.
OCC1 546 Strategies in OT Professional Practice.
(3) (Restriction: OT students only) Strategies and systems which impact the role of the PT & OT therapist in traditional and role-emerging health service delivery settings including administration and management, service delivery models and professional readiness.
OCC1 547 Occupational Solutions 1.
(6) (Restriction: U3/QY OT students only) Assessment and treatment of clients with disorders of the nervous system.
OCC1 548 Holistic Approaches in OT.
(3) (Restriction: U3/QY OT students only) The theory, principles of treatment, clinical reasoning and therapeutic use of activities in the OT intervention of acute and chronic medical and surgical conditions.
OCC1 549 Therapeutic Strategies in OT 2.
(4) (Prerequisite: OCC1 545) (Restriction: U3/QY OT students only) Advanced Therapeutic Strategies for systemic and complex conditions.
OCC1 550 Enabling Human Occupation.
(3) (Restriction: U3/QY OT students only) Occupational performance (productivity, self-care, leisure) is examined through the Canadian Occupational Performance Model and the Model of Human Occupation, both of which focus on the interaction of the individual with the environment. Human performance is analyzed focusing on prevention of disability and/or restoration of function.
OCC1 551 Psychosocial Practice in OT.
(3) (Restriction: U3/QY OT students only) Principles of basic psychosocial assessments and treatment approaches for psychiatric conditions.

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