Health Sciences
2012-2013 University Calendar

2 The University : 2.7 Administration

H. Arnold Steinberg; C.M., B.Com.(McG.), M.B.A.(Harv.), LL.D.(McG.)
Heather Munroe-Blum; O.C., O.Q., B.A., B.S.W.(McM.), M.S.W.(W. Laur.), Ph.D.(N. Carolina)
Principal and Vice-Chancellor
Anthony C. Masi; A.B.(Colgate), Ph.D.(Brown)
Morton J. Mendelson; B.Sc.(McG.), Ph.D.(Harv.)
Deputy Provost (Student Life & Learning)
Kathleen Massey; B.A.(York), M.A.(R. Roads)
University Registrar and Executive Director of Enrolment Services
Jana Luker; B.A.(Guelph), B.Ed., M.Ed.(Tor.)
Executive Director of Services for Students
Nathalie M. Cooke; B.A. (Qu.), B.Ed., M.A.(Tor.), M.A. (C'nell), Ph.D.(Tor.)
Associate Provost (Academic Staff & Priority Initiatives)
Jan Jorgensen; B.A., M.A.(N. Carolina), Ph.D.(McG.)
Associate Provost (Faculty Affairs & Resource Allocation)
Lydia White; B.A., M.A.(Camb.), Ph.D.(McG.)
Associate Provost (Policies, Procedures & Equity)
Martin Kreiswirth; B.A.(Hamilton), M.A.(Chic.), Ph.D.(Tor.)
Associate Provost (Graduate Education) and Dean (Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies)
Chandra Madramootoo; B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.(McG.)
Associate Vice-Principal (Macdonald Campus) and Dean (Faculty of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences)
Ghilaine Roquet; B.A.(UQAM), M.Sc.A.(Montr.)
Chief Information Officer
Stephen Strople; B.A.(Dal.), M.A.(York)
Michael Di Grappa; B.A.(C'dia), M.P.P.A.(Col.), M.A.(Harv. Business School)
Vice-Principal (Administration & Finance)
Lynne B. Gervais; B.A.(C’dia)
Associate Vice-Principal (Human Resources)
Jim Nicell; B.A.Sc., M.A.Sc., Ph.D.(Windsor), P.Eng.
Associate Vice-Principal (University Services)
Marc Weinstein; B.A., B.C.L., LL.B.(McG.)
Vice-Principal (Development & Alumni Relations)
David Eidelman; M.D.,C.M.(McG.), FRCPC, FACP
Vice-Principal (Health Affairs) and Dean (Faculty of Medicine)
Sam Benaroya; B.Sc., M.D.,C.M.(McG.)
Associate Vice-Principal (Health Affairs) and Associate Dean (Inter-Hospital Affairs)
Rose Goldstein; B.Sc., M.D.,C.M.(McG.)
Vice-Principal (Research & International Relations)
Rima Rozen; B.Sc., Ph.D.(McG.)
Associate Vice-Principal (Research & International Relations)
Olivier Marcil; B.A.(Sher.), M.A.(Montr.)
Vice-Principal (External Relations)

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