Undergraduate Scholarships Awards 2005/06

1. Introduction

1.1 Entrance Scholarships

Entrance Scholarships are for students entering university for the first time to undertake a full-time undergraduate degree program. Transfer, Mature, Diploma, Exchange, Special and Visiting students are not eligible for consideration.

Awards range in value from $3,000 renewable to $10,000 renewable and are based on outstanding academic achievement or a combination of outstanding academic achievement and leadership qualities. Financial need is not considered in the granting of scholarships. All renewable awards are tenable until completion of an undergraduate degree, up to a maximum of four years, provided the criteria for renewal are met. Finalists for the scholarships valued over $5,000 may be interviewed.

As a general rule, applicants must be in the top 5% of their class based on the last two years of full-time studies. The McGill website ( and the admissions application package provides detailed information on entrance awards including minimum academic requirements. Students wishing to be considered for awards must indicate this on the application for admission and must submit all supporting scholarship documents by the appropriate admission application deadline. Students who submit these documents will be considered for all scholarships for which they are eligible. There are no separate applications for individual scholarships.

The faculties of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and Music also administer some entrance scholarships for students applying to their programs.

1.2 In Course Awards

These awards are for students already at McGill who are in full-time undergraduate degree programs and will be continuing in full-time undergraduate degree programs.

Most scholarships and awards are granted on the basis of the combined GPA for the Fall and Winter terms and applications are not required unless specifically indicated in the terms of an award. To be considered for in-course awards and/or the renewal of entrance scholarships, students must complete at least 27 graded credits in the regular academic year exclusive of courses completed under the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option. Summer courses are not considered except for certain Co-op programs. Courses taken at other Quebec universities through the Inter-University Transfer Agreement may be counted towards the requirements for scholarship renewal or for consideration for other academic awards. Eligibility will be based on all courses taken during the regular academic year and on both the McGill GPA as well as the global GPA which will include the IUT credits.

A maximum of the top 10% of the students in each faculty, based on the combined GPA for the Fall and Winter terms, are named to the Dean's Honour List. This designation, while carrying no monetary reward, is an official University recognition of the student's achievements and is recorded on the transcript.

Outstanding students, who rank in a maximum of the top 5% of their faculties, may also be considered for the J.W. McConnell and James McGill Awards which range in value from $500 to $5,000. These awards are made by the University Committee on Scholarships and Student Aid to top students as ranked and recommended by each faculty. In making such recommendations, faculties may consider program content, number of credits, etc. in addition to GPA.

General information and regulations are available in "Awards to McGill Students In Course", section 3.or at

1.3 Graduating Awards

These awards are for students who will be graduating with an undergraduate degree. All awards to graduating students are granted by individual faculties and schools and are included in the In Course Awards sections in this calendar.

A maximum of the top 10% of the graduating students in each faculty are named to the Dean's Honour List. This honorary designation is based upon the cumulative academic record and the minimum required CGPA is determined annually by each individual faculty.

Other designations awarded on graduation, like First Class Honours, Distinction, etc. are based on the cumulative academic record and the CGPA required varies from faculty to faculty;
students should consult their own faculty.

Graduating students who wish to find out about funding to pursue graduate studies should consult the Postgraduate Fellowships and Awards calendar or visit the website at:

1.4 Financial Assistance

Bursaries (grants) and repayable loans are granted on the basis of financial need and are administered by the Student Aid Office. Students must complete an application form and arrange for an interview with a Student Aid Counsellor. All applicants must apply for any government assistance for which they may be eligible. There are also work study opportunities available through the Student Aid Office. Information on financial assistance is available at

1.5 Athletic Awards for Entering Students

There are a limited number of awards for students who are admitted to McGill and are possible candidates for intercollegiate teams. There are no applications for these awards. They are granted by the McGill Athletics Board Awards Committee on the recommendation of the team coaches. See "Open to Entering Students", section 6.1 for more information.

1.6 Athletic Awards for In Course Students

There are a few awards for students who are members of intercollegiate teams. Applications are required and are usually available in September. See "Open to In Course Students", section 6.2 for more information.

1.7 Activity Awards for In Course Students

There are some awards which are based on more than just academic standing and require submissions from students. A list of such awards is in "Activity Awards", section 5.

1.8 External Awards

These are awards which are administered by associations or organizations outside of McGill. Information about external awards is located in a variety of places at McGill such as individual academic departments and the Office of the Dean of Students. The Career and Placement Service (CAPS) maintains binders listing a large number of external awards and has numerous directories which students can consult. Information is available at

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