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2012-2013 University Calendar

3 General University Information and Regulations : 3.4 Fees : 3.4.13 Sponsorships/Awards/Fee Deferrals : External Scholarships
You may also receive external scholarships from other organizations, outside agencies, parents’ employers, or community groups. These awards are typically sent directly to the University. You should provide the Student Accounts Office with a letter from the external body indicating the details and requirements of how the scholarship funds should be distributed, including any conditions for the award. If such information is not specified, the amount of the scholarship will be split into two terms and will be credited to your account as soon as you have registered, with the second instalment credited the first working day in January. If you do not meet the requirements of the scholarship, the funds will be returned to the external body.
You may need an anticipated scholarship to reduce your balance owing for a given term. If so, email , with “External Scholarships” in the subject line, at least one week before the fee deadline as stated on the e-bill, and indicate the amount, currency (Canadian or US dollars) and agency or company issuing the scholarship. A fee deferral for the expected amount will reduce the amount owed. The deferral will expire by the end of September for the Fall term or January for the Winter term. Interest will be assessed at the prevailing rate on outstanding amounts beyond the deferral deadline.
Please note that credit balances in student fee accounts that result from payment from scholarships and awards are refundable only after the official "course withdrawal with full refund" deadline for each term.

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