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2012-2013 University Calendar

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Tuition & Fees – Payment Deferral
Students with no prior outstanding tuition/fees may request that payment(s) of tuition and fees be deferred based on self-reported demonstrated sources of funding from the University, government or other external agencies. Such requests will be granted on a term by term basis during which time no interest or late payment charges will be applied on the fees covered by the deferral. The length of time that a fee deferral is in effect will depend on the nature of the fee deferral. For the list of deferrals and their duration, please refer to the Student Accounts website.
Students may apply for a fee deferral via "Defer Payment of Tuition and Fees" through the Financial Aid/Awards menu on Minerva, selecting the category applicable to their situation. All applicants will be verified to ensure they have self-reported their situation accurately.
The Minerva application for deferral of tuition fees form is available in mid-July for the Fall term (mid-December for the Winter, and early April for the Summer). Students who apply up to the fee deadline can be assured that the deferral will be in effect prior to interest being charged on their account. Note that students who apply late may not request cancellation of interest.
A fee deferral generally covers the amount of the Fall (Winter or Summer) term charges, which include tuition, administrative, and certain academic fees, and health and dental insurance. Charges not covered by the tuition deferral include, but are not limited to, housing charges, meal plans, printing charges, or any other amounts owing that are not considered registration charges. Interest on outstanding already-billed amounts will continue to be charged on a monthly basis excluding amounts covered by the student aid tuition deferral.
Students are reminded that tuition and student housing fees have first call upon financial aid received from any source.

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