Health Sciences
2012-2013 University Calendar

7 Faculty of Medicine : 7.2 Scholarships, Bursaries, Prizes, Medals and Loan Funds : 7.2.5 Loan Funds

Maude Abbott Memorial Loan Fund
established by the Federation of Medical Women of Canada. Any woman medical student, first year intern, or graduate student may apply to the Secretariat, Federation of Medical Women of Canada, Box 8244, Ottawa, ON K1G 3H7.
Boright Loan Fund
established in 1963 by a bequest from the late George H. Boright to provide loans to deserving medical students.*
Boswell James Loan Fund
established in 1943 by Dr. A. Boswell James to provide loans for undergraduates and graduate medical students.*
David M. Caldwell Student Loan Fund
established in 1973 by a bequest from the late David M. Caldwell, M.D. 1919, to assist students in the Faculty of Medicine, with preference to American students.*
Clement C. Clay Memorial Loan Fund
established in 1985 by a bequest from Clement C. Clay, M.D. 1932, to provide loan assistance for students born in the United States who are registered in the Faculty of Medicine.*
Alec and Sylvia Dollin Loan Fund
established in 1965 by Mr. Alec Dollin to provide loans for medical students.*
Kellogg Loan Fund
established by the Kellogg Foundation. It provides loans up to a maximum of the tuition fees in any one year. Available to students in good standing and with financial need. Application and regulations are as for other loan funds of the University.*
Lacey Loan Fund
established in 1962 by a donation from Mrs. Herbert Van Devanter Lacey of Cheyenne, Wyoming, primarily to aid medical students from the State of Wyoming. It may however be extended to others in accordance with the following priorities: dental students from Wyoming; medical students from other states of the U.S.A.; medical students from other countries. Loans are not to exceed $700 per year.*
George W. Merck Memorial Loan Fund
established in 1960 by the Merck Company Foundation to provide loans for undergraduate medical students, interns and residents.*
Gertrude Mudge Memorial Student Aid Fund
established in 1958 by donations from students, graduates, and staff in memory of the late Gertrude Mudge, for many years Assistant Secretary of the Faculty of Medicine. Available to medical students. Loans shall not exceed the fees for the year.*
Weston Fay Volberg Jr. Memorial Loan Fund
established in 1956 by classmates of the late Weston Fay Volberg Jr., M.D.,C.M. 1953. It is available to medical students.*
* Apply to Scholarships and Student Aid Office.

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