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2012-2013 University Calendar

9 School of Physical and Occupational Therapy : 9.6 Course Descriptions : 9.6.4 Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Courses - Year 3 Courses : Physical Therapy Courses
PHTH 550 Physical Therapy Orthopedic Management.
(7) (Prerequisites: ANAT 315 or EDKP 206 or equivalent, EDKP 395 or equivalent as judged by the admission process) Evaluation and treatment in a neuromuscular framework.
PHTH 551 Physical Therapy Neurological Rehabilitation.
(4) (Prerequisites: ANAT 321, POTH 455 or equivalent as judged by the admission process) Principles of neurorehabilitation motor learning and neuroplasticity including assessment and treatment.
PHTH 552 Cardiorespiratory Rehabilitation.
(4) (Prerequisites: ANAT 316, EDKP 485, PHGY 209 or equivalent as judged by the admission process) Theoretical knowledge pertaining to the pathophysiology of various medical and surgical cardiorespiratory conditions, including evaluation and treatment.
PHTH 560 Integrated Orthopedic Management.
(7) (Prerequisite: PHTH 550.) Assessment and treatment of patients with multiple comorbidities or multiple injuries that require a multidisciplinary approach, integrated intervention strategies, life-style changes, integration into the work force and/or reintegration into the community.
PHTH 561 Integrated Neurological Rehabilitation.
(5) (Prerequisite: PHTH 551) PT assessment and treatment of clients with complex problems and/or multiple handicaps.
PHTH 570 Strategies in Physical Therapy Professional Practice.
(3) Study and analysis of strategies and systems which impact the role of the occupational and physical therapy professional in health service delivery settings. This course includes selected topics on professional competence, healthcare environments and service delivery models, administration and management.

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